Why You Should Stand Up Paddle-board (SUP) this Summer

Why You Should Stand Up Paddle-board (SUP) this Summer

If you haven’t heard of SUP before then where have you been?

SUP stands for ‘Stand Up Paddle-boarding’ and its name is pretty self explanatory. You basically stand stand on a floating board and paddle away.

It’s one of the fastest growing sport activities and has seen a massive increase in participation these last couple of years.

Those of you who have SUP’ed will know why!

My first experience was in September 2016 at Cawsand bay. It was my fiance and I and another couple with the instructor. The morning was beautiful and we couldn’t have asked for a better day to be getting to grips with the basic techniques of paddleboarding.


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At first it seemed like I’d never keep my balance and feel comfortable paddling around, but I quickly felt at ease and I loved it and here’s why I think you will too:

  • Mindfulness

    Once you find your stride it feels like you are at one with the water. It allows you to fully experience the beauty of nature and the world around you. It’s quite meditative really, as hippy as it sounds, but it is truly relaxing.

  • Exercise

    Paddle-boarding is great exercise, but it doesn’t have that feeling of slogging through a workout in the gym. In fact you might find yourself burning more calories, due to the core workout your body gets.


SUP stand up paddle boarding lake scenery


  • Social

    SUP is a great way to connect with loved ones. Getting out onto the water and not be glued to our phones allows us to actually talk to others verbally, crazy huh?

  • Freeing

    As well as being free from modern technology, it’s a freeing feeling being away from your life on land with no worries!


SUP stand up paddle boarding peaceful lake Halcyon Living travel fitness health blog


I’ve been paddle-boarding 3 times now, totalling around 8 hours worth of water time and it’s safe to say I’m hooked (my google search history of ‘paddle boards for sale’ would also agree).

Me and my partner are off travelling soon and we’re already looking at where we can rent SUP’s on our adventure.

If you’d like a lesson in SUP then I’d highly recommend Dive & Dine based down in Plymouth. These were the guys we did our first lesson with and they made us feel at ease and helped us with our technique, as well as taking us on a beautifully scenic paddle.

Where are your favourite places to go SUP’ing? Let me know in the comments below!



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