The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Review May 2017

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box Review May 2017


A couple of weeks ago I signed up the The Vegan Kind’s Beauty Box. If you haven’t heard of this it’s a quarterly box that costs £15 plus £3.15 p&p.


That’s a bargain if you ask me!


I’ve always liked the idea of subscription boxes and actually used to get graze boxes delivered when I was in uni. However, cruelty-free, vegan boxes are hard to come by.

From searching online I can see that their are a couple of options in the US, but The Vegan Kind’s box is the only one available in the UK as far as I can tell.

The pictures on their webpage of past boxes tempted me into signing up and I’ve not long received my first box. The May 2017 beauty box.


First Impressions:

The box is cute and it makes it obvious what it is. This made me very excited when I got home and saw it sitting on the side. Inside the products are packaged with shredded brown paper. It’s definitely got that eco vibe and in fact the box is made from 100% recycled materials and the company does make an effort to be sustainable with packaging.

On first glance at the products I gotta say that I was a little disappointed with the products in total compared to other boxes. Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited and I’ve definitely got products worth more than what I paid, but I’ve seen more attractive boxes online. Just trying to be completely honest with you guys.


What’s inside:


  • Aqua Esse Equilibrium B12 Infused Pure Alkaline Natural Spring Water (RRP £1.95)

A rather pretentious bottle of water if you ask me. Apparently it’s fortified with B12 and it’s alkaline. It’s in a fancy glass bottle and the label is pretty, but it’s water and tasted as such. This retails for £1.95 a bottle. Great concept if you’re into all that, but I’ll just stick to my tap water thanks!


  • Maggie Anne Strawberry and Grape Nail Varnish Remover 150ml (RRP £8.95)

This was the first thing I saw and I was quite pleased at this. I am a serial nail biter, always have been! I have used this and it worked well. Nothing special, but it did the job. The acetone smell was definitely stronger when in use, but the sweet smell lingered round after and was definitely less headache inducing.


  • Zerreau Waterless Towel Off Shampoo 70ml (RRP £3.99)

I was so intrigued by this next product. Could this be the next dry shampoo? Now I love my Batiste and would be surprised if this can surpass it. I’ve yet to try it, but I’ll keep you updated.


  • PHB Ethical Beauty Natural Black Mascara (RRP £15.95)

This was the product I was most happy with receiving. I’ve been wanting to explore more vegan mascaras so this was greatly appreciated. I do have a BWC one that I like but the packaging on the lid has broken off (yes I am clumsy, but I’ve never had the issue of the packaging crumbling off more and more). Since using this I’m impressed at the formula, although doubt it’s waterproof abilities.

  • Amie New Leaf Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish 25ml (RRP of full size £5.95)

Unfortunately for me I had this exact same product in my advent calendar. I used it a couple of times and it just felt like a normal face scrub to me, but didn’t use it long enough to see what visible results it had. I actually gave this one to my sister, but maybe one of you can let others know in the comments below.


  • Vita Coco Coconut Oil Sample Sachet (RRP of 250ml jar £4.99)

This was a bit strange. Money off vouchers are on the back but I won’t be buying this as you can pick up coconut oil in the supermarkets super cheap these days (£2.99 in Aldi). I’ve started using it as a make-up removing balm lately, but more about that in another post…



There you have it. I’m happy with most of the products. Whilst I was initially a little disappointed at the box contents I’m still really excited for my next box and to see what other great products I’ll get to try!

What I also like about this subscription service is that 20p from each box goes to a different charity and this time it’s going to The Dr Hadwen Trust. This charity promotes the development of techniques to replace the use of animals in biomedical research.


Are any of you subscribed to The Vegan Kind’s Beauty box? What are your thoughts on the May 2017 box?


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