Plant-Based Eating in Brighton & Other Adventures

Plant-Based Eating in Brighton & Other Adventures
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Anyway, enough of that mushy stuff!

Plant-based eating in Brighton is what made me and my partner want to visit to e completely honest (sometimes our bellies lead the way on our travels!). Also, it seems like many a vlogger/YouTuber lives there, so it must have something going for it right?

It’s not somewhere I would personally want to set down roots, but I can definitely see the appeal!

We actually stayed in Eastbourne, so I’ll be mentioning some places we went here too.


Before I move on to the where you can find plant-based eating in Brighton, I thought I’d round up our favourite sights of the trip.


Firstly, what is there to do in Brighton you ask:


  • Go and see the Pavillion


Like seriously, go and see it! It looks like you’ve stepped into a different country, the architecture is so beautiful, yet so different to typical British structures. If you go on a sunny day, take a picnic, or grab some lunch (or just be content with good company or yourself) and relax in the grounds.


halcyon living travel blog plant-based eating in Brighton pavillion
halcyon living travel blog plant-based eating in Brighton pavillion


  • Brighton Pier


Surely no trip to Brighton is complete without a trip to the pier? I personally LOVEEEE piers. I think it stems from many a day spent down in Weston-Super-Mare as a child, and loving the thrill of winning a prize on a grab machine (oooh, the claw! Toy Story reference anyone? no…). Brighton Pier didn’t disappoint!


Even if you don’t like amusements, take a stroll along this board walk and take in the atmosphere and views!


  • The Lanes


The Lanes were probably one of my favourite places we went to. When I was a uni student in London I loved visiting Covent Garden and it’s quaint lanes and small shops. The lanes reminded me of that for sure!

There are so many different shops tucked away and if you are a jewellery lover you will be in heaven.


Halcyon living travel blog plant-based eating in Brighton the lanes


  • Walk along Brighton Beach


Simple, yet something I’d highly recommend you do. This isn’t your typical stroll along a sandy endless beach. There are many sights to see along the way, including the old burnt out pier, the i360 and boutiques tucked under the road above.



  • Beachy Head


Not in Brighton, but in the close by Eastbourne this place is breathtaking. The views from the top are like nothing I’ve seen before. I was brave enough to poke my head over the edge of the cliffs too and peek a glance at the lighthouse down below.


This place also holds a lot of sadness and it’s a place where many people have taken their lives and the sight of the chaplaincy team vehicles on hand to hopefully stop jumpers is quite harrowing. Please be safe if going to visit and take extra precaution if particularly windy as there are few barriers.



Where to Eat:


As predominantly plant-based eaters, we were excited to tuck into all the food we knew Brighton had to offer. In fact, it was a challenge to narrow down where we should eat, there are enough places to try for a lifetime.



This was our first meal on our trip. We stopped here to grab some lunch and I would highly recommend visiting here herbivore or not.


These large sushi rolls filled with veggies, avocados and mock meats are super tasty without feeling like junk food. If you go, grab inari pockets on the side too!



Me and my fiancé love pizza, especially on sourdough. Therefore we knew we HAD to visit Purezza whose food is all vegan. This was plant-based eating in Brighton at its tastiest! I had the four cheese affair and my partner had a potato-ey one and they were both delicious!




This cafe stocks a few different cake-ey snack options that are plant-based, as well as having soya milk. It’s a bit of a hipster cafe with a clean feel, perfect for a break if you’re having a day wandering around the lanes.



I cannot express to you how excited we were to visit this Turkish cafe. Since we went to Turkey a few years ago and devoured a few (or more) gözlemes (Turkish bread style pancakes) we have wanted to experience them again ever since.


We even tried making our own, which wasn’t the same. Finally, our prayers were answered when we found out about this place! The gözleme here is super good, the food was very affordable and the owner was incredibly friendly.




This was a chance find as searches for vegan food online or using happy cow didn’t mention this place at all. I just so happened to be flicking through one of those ‘Eastbourne’ guides and there was an advert for this place which said there were vegan options. SOLD!


HMHB offer two vegan burger options and they will not let you down. Hands down one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten! They even do a GF & vegan brownie (with ice cream!) and you’d be a fool not to order this.


Let me know your favourite places to visit/eat in or around Brighton, I’d love to know!


Also, where else would you recommend visiting in the UK?







  1. September 11, 2017 / 2:51 pm

    Hey, Purezza here! Just wanted to say thanks for featuring us in this, and congrats on your Brightonian engagement! See you again soon.

    • October 10, 2017 / 9:12 am

      Hey! Thank you so much, yes would love to have your pizzas again soon 🙂

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