A Natural Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

A Natural Skincare Routine For Combination Skin


The chance to try out ‘Natural Elements’ came at the right time for me. I’ve been wanting to make more healthy changes, starting with a natural skincare routine.


Well, this is exactly what Natural Elements offer.


Plus it’s cruelty-free and made locally to me, so it feels nice to support a local, ethical business.


I loved how fuss-free this routine seemed right from the off. I’ve been testing the kit designed for combination skin, which includes: face wash, facial oil, blending face cream and intensive face gel.


If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know that I’ve recently been on a 3.5 week trip around Europe. Well, this is the skincare I took with me, so this meant I could really put it to the test.


Through travelling, little sleep, lots of sun exposure, this regime really had to pull through.


halcyon living beauty blog natural elements complete combination skincare routine kit


Well, I’m pleased to say, IT DID!


The whole regime is super gentle, yet nourishing to the skin. The cleansing face wash paired with the konjac sponge felt like a mini facial. I’m definitely going to continue using these sponges in the future (and this whole routine tbh).


The oil is nice and light, nothing heavy that will clog the pores, so if you suffer with acne this won’t aggravate it. The kit says to apply every morning and evening and I really feel the effects of it on my skin. If applied at night I wake up the next morning with a super soft face, yay!


In the mornings after applying the oil, there is a facial blending cream to follow. This helps you to apply your makeup without it turning into a big oil slick. It’s basically like a primer. However, if you’re pressed for time you can apply the oil and the cream at the same time, which is how I like to apply it most days anyway!


What I haven’t mentioned yet is the intensive face gel…


So, I lied when I said you use the oil every evening, because 2-3 times a week, you apply the gel instead of the oil. Now I’ve been using this routine for a while I get a feel for when I’d want to apply the gel instead of the oil. On those days when my skin feels more hot and bothered, and on the verge of inflammation, I pop this gel on and it instantly soothes and cools it down, magic!


halcyon living beauty blog natural skincare natural elements combination skin routine


In all, I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my skin…


It’s starting to clear up from the bad outbreaks I’ve suffered in recent months. The natural ingredients are definitely helping to heal my probably over scrubbed skin.


This routine’s a keeper!


In fact, it pairs super well with other products as well. I did use it exclusively on its own whilst I was away, but when I came back I’ve tried it with some favourites of mine. Witch hazel toner and Pixi’s Glow Tonic work well and don’t disrupt the effects. So, definitely feel free to supplement with your own ride or die favourites.


If you want more info on where to buy this contact Ceri from natural elements. She’ll definitely be able to advise you on the products that suit your skin type. You can find her Instagram here: @cericandycooper



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