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Welcome to Halcyon Living, the premier provider of luxurious floating homes in the UK. We take pride in our years of experience in the industry, offering a selection of exclusive homes that are built to meet industry-leading standards. Our floating homes provide a unique living experience, giving you the chance to live in close proximity to nature and enjoy the tranquillity of the water.

At Halcyon Living, we place a strong emphasis on providing exceptional support to every buyer. Our mission is to create safe, friendly, and sociable communities of like-minded homeowners. Our floating homes are situated in some of the most desirable regions across the UK, including Oxfordshire, London, and the Home Counties.

For more information about our exceptional floating homes and how they can provide you with a unique and luxurious way of living, call us today at 0808 1645 838. Invest in the future of your lifestyle with Halcyon Living.

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Mooring regulations are an important consideration when purchasing a floating home in the UK. These regulations can vary depending on the location and marina in which the floating home is moored and may have a significant impact on your experience as a homeowner.

One of the key factors to consider is the length of your mooring license. Most marinas offer annual mooring licenses, which must be renewed each year. It is important to ensure that your mooring license is renewed in a timely manner to avoid any issues or penalties.

Another important consideration is the specific regulations that apply to the marina. Some marinas may have restrictions on the type of floating homes that are allowed or may have limitations on the size or design of the floating homes. It is also important to be aware of any rules regarding the use of facilities in the marina, such as parking, waste disposal, and other amenities.

At Halcyon Living, we work closely with our clients to ensure that they are fully aware of all mooring regulations and how they may affect them.


Floating homes in the UK are becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable and environmentally friendly housing option. Compared to traditional homes, floating homes have a relatively low impact on the environment and offer several environmental benefits.

One of the key advantages of floating homes is their low carbon footprint. Because they are typically powered by electricity, rather than gas or oil, they produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, floating homes can be built with sustainable and eco-friendly materials, reducing their impact on the environment. For example, many floating homes are built with recycled or salvaged materials and use energy-efficient appliances and lighting.

Finally, because they are built on water, floating homes have a minimal impact on the land and surrounding ecosystem. They do not require additional land use, and their presence can actually contribute to the local ecosystem by providing habitats for various species of fish and other aquatic life.

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At Halcyon Living, we are proud to offer a range of high-quality property services in addition to our stunning floating homes in the UK. Our other property services include residential park homes and holiday lodges, each designed and built to the same exacting standards of comfort, style, and quality as our floating homes.

Residential Park Homes offer a spacious and comfortable living experience, often situated in tranquil and picturesque settings. They are an ideal option for those seeking a permanent residence or a retirement home and offer a sense of community and security.

Holiday lodges, on the other hand, are perfect for those seeking a temporary escape or weekend getaway. They offer a range of modern amenities and can be located in a variety of settings, from coastal retreats to idyllic countryside locations.