How You Can Use Coconut Oil to Cleanse Your Skin

How You Can Use Coconut Oil to Cleanse Your Skin

Cleansing balms and oils have been big lately. I’ve seen many a YouTuber rave about the Clinique ‘Take The Day Off’ one.


Since I heard about double cleansing I’ve been intrigued and explored this new world of cruelty-free face oils to take off my makeup and get my face squeaky clean and I’ve been impressed.


I’ve always been a makeup wipe type of girl, until about half a year ago when I realised that those (usually) alcohol filled cloths are not a great permanent solution.


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Oils literally melt your makeup away. It’s amazing! Give it a go, it’s quite funny to see what your face looks like during the process.


Recently I started using pure coconut oil to see if this has the same effect and I’m in love. All I do is take around 1tsp of oil in my hands and rub my hands together to melt it before I slather it all over my face.


I even work it right into my lashes with zero irritation as it’s as natural as a product can be! I then add water to my face and then use a warm damp face cloth to really get all the makeup off.


This method really does work (although you might need an eye makeup remover prior for very heavy makeup looks) and is very affordable. These days you can pick up a jar of coconut oil in most supermarkets for as little as £3 and it will last you months!


If coconut oil isn’t for you then I’ve also tried and loved these cruelty-free cleansers and found them both to be super effective (& they both smell good too, bonus!). I can’t confirm that they are vegan, but both list of ingredients seem to be (check them out here & here) maybe someone can let us know in the comments!


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That’s all for this post! Do any of you have any recommendations for taking off your makeup? Let me know in the comments below!


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