5 Books To Read This Summer

5 Books To Read This Summer


I’ve really invested time into reading this last year or so and I’ve found myself becoming a bit of a book worm. I’m never too far from my Kindle or hard book copy and I’ve even enjoyed getting up early recently to get lost in the storyline of whatever novel I’m reading.


Summer is a popular time for people to get back on the reading bandwagon. Book stores are boasting ‘best picks’ and ‘book clubs’ with tempting looking covers (even if we have been taught we should never judge a book by its cover, we all do it right?).


With summer being a popular time for holidays, books seem at their most appealing at this time of the year. Just conjure up an image of yourself laying pool side, engrossed in a gripping story.


The question is though, what books should you read this summer.


Well, I’ve decided to summarise some of my 5 top picks that I’ve read recently. These aren’t necessarily new releases but are good reads nonetheless. I’ve tried to include a few different genres so hopefully, you’ll find something that suits you.


  1. While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green


A real page turner, the author really portrayed the characters well using a 1st person point of view. This thriller is about a young girl who goes missing in the park during a game of hide-and-seek with her mum. Both the mother’s turmoil and the girls whereabouts make for a gripping, and slightly chilling read.


  1. The Good Father by Diane Chamberlain


I love Diane Chamberlain’s books. I know that if I sit down to read one I won’t be disappointed. This was certainly the case here. The story follows a young dad struggling to provide for his daughter. What ends will he go to in order to give her the life that he currently can’t offer? Jodi Picoult fans will enjoy this family drama book.


  1. Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris


This is one of the creepiest books I’ve ever read and I struggled to put this down, a true psychological thriller. The suspense keeps you wanting more and it’s full of twists and turns. Without revealing too much, Jack and Grace seem like the perfect couple. One that most would envy, but all is not as it seems from the outside. Fans of ‘Girl on The Train’ will love this.


  1. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion


I never thought I’d find myself loving a Romance novel, I always fancied myself as more of a thriller enthusiast. However, this book most definitely proved me wrong. This book had me laughing out loud and turning page after page until I had to get on with life and actually put it down. Main character Don sets up a project to find himself a wife and hilarity and romance ensues. This is a definite feel good book.


  1. Still Alice by Lisa Genova


This is a brilliant, yet heartbreaking piece of fiction. You have been warned! Alice is a professor who finds that she starts to forget things that she has had no problem remembering before. This book follows her on her journey as her memory fades due to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and sees the world from her perspective. Thought-provoking and insightful, as well as being a real tear-jerker.


There we go, my 5 picks for this summer. If you’ve read any of these let me know what you thought in the comments below.


Also, I’m always looking for recommendations and I’d love to know your favourite recent reads.



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